NZAWA Rally Information


Friday 4 JuneAirways NZ VFR Enroute Competition
1200Arrivals Motueka Airfield
Registrations Open Motueka Aero Club
1400-1600NZAWA Committee meeting
1730NZAWA President’s & MAC Welcome with BBQ MAC
Saturday 5 June0800Judges Briefing MAC HANGAR
0830Competitors Briefing MAC HANGAR
0900Competitions Commence Motueka Airfield
Registration & Sales desk open Motueka Aero Club
160099s AGM (time to be confirmed by 99s Governor)
180060’s Birthday Bash & Buffet dinner at Toad Hall
Sunday 6 June0930NZAWA AGM and group photograph Top10
1100Completion of any Competitions Motueka Airfield
Local sightseeing - possible flying tiki-tour Local
1800Presentation Dinner at the Jelly Fish
Monday 7 June0800Departures from Motueka Airfield

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Event Information


(See below for prices and contact details)

Accommodation is at the The Park Motel and Motueka Top10. If you are on your own and wish to share we will try and match people up.  Please email Pamela Adams at

There are some alternative options of motels and backpackers nearby which you can research online however the aim is for the shuttle transport to be able to pick up everyone together, thus minimising costs and delays.   Both providers have given us a discounted rate.


Aircraft may be available for hire from Motueka Aero Club, however adequate notice is needed, i.e. REGISTER EARLY, as these aircraft are in high demand.  Currently a PA-38 Tomahawk and a Cessna 172.  We’d encourage you all to fly yourselves to the Motueka 2021 Rally.  Get a team together, share the cost, have fun and learn heaps!

The cross-country experience is invaluable, you’ll be able to enter the Airways VFR Enroute Competition and then of course you’ll have your own “preferred” aircraft to use in competitions.  It’s a win win situation so contact another NZAWA’er and get planning!  And there will be a prize drawn among members who arrive in a light aircraft, as if you need another incentive!


Fuel available at NZMK is Shell, however if you don’t have a Shell card we will have a refueling assistant on site to assist!


Tasman District Council has kindly waived all landing fees for NZAWA members at Motueka for the duration of the weekend. And there will be no Airways charges for NZAWA flyers into the region (yet another incentive to fly yourselves here!).  Please advise the Rally Registration Desk of your aeroplane’s rego.


Shuttle transport for the weekend is $12 and covers: Private aircraft arrivals at NZMK on Friday afternoon & for departures on Monday morning, to and from accommodation.

To and from accommodation to NZMK on Saturday and for all our social functions.  Good value, and even if you’ve got a car for the weekend it will be handy for the evening functions if you want to have a drink.  We’re responsible hosts.

* Shuttle transport is available for airline arrivals (and departures) at Nelson Airport.
* $15 one-way or $20 return. 
*Advise your flight number and arrival time, plus your cellphone number.  There may be some delays however we will coordinate shuttle times for minimum transport delays (doesn’t that sound like an airline statement).


Please send your trophies back NOW (cleaned, polished and with your name engraved) in their appropriate packaging.

For reimbursement of costs email our NZAWA Treasurer Kirsty Vester, at


We all understand the “time to spare, go by air” saying – therefore please communicate with your accommodation if you have a delayed arrival on Friday night, so that they know to hold your room for the weekend.

It is a requirement to have at least third party insurance on any aircraft used in NZAWA competitions. NZAWA can in no way be responsible for incidents involving aircraft at NZAWA Annual Rallies.


Detailed Details


NZAWA Registration and Information Desk will be open from midday at the MOTUEKA AERO CLUB

Light aircraft fly in to Motueka.  Commercial flyers into Nelson transported via the scenic Coastal Highway.

Starting 1730, it’s an informal ‘Get Together’ at the Motueka Aero Club.  With a welcome from both the NZAWA & Motueka Aero Club Presidents, it’s also a chance to socialise, meet our new members & of course catch up with old friends.  Enjoy a gourmet BBQ with a wine, beer or soft drinks (cash/EFTPOS bar).  Make sure it’s a quiet night, ‘cos competitions are early next morning!


NZAWA Registration and Information Desk – open from 0730

With sunrise at 0746 & sunset 1705 that’s around around 9hrs & 20mins of daylight to complete our competitions, so please be on time – or early!

Judges’ briefing at 0800  Transport for air judges and ground judges depart accommodation from 0730.  It is imperative that our Judges understand the format and expectations for the day’s competitions, as well as receive a safety briefing.

Competitor briefing at 0830  Transport for competitors depart accommodation from 0800.  This briefing will cover the weather, safety considerations, judges and competitors various responsibilities, competition procedures, aircraft hire arrangements and any questions. It is a requirement to attend the briefing in order to take part in a competition.

And at 0900 – let the games begin!

For non competitors shuttle transport will be available later.  You could however register for the Patricia Wright Memorial Trophy Pre-flight competition – always a challenge and often more defects are found than are planned!

Gliding competitors – Watch this space as we are checking options.

Tea and coffee is available all day.  Enjoy an epicurean lunch 1130-1330

Plus the HANGAR ROUND CAFÉ – adjacent to the Motueka Aero Club will be open from 0730.

Shuttles are available throughout the day to/from accom.


Transport 1745 to Toad Hall for an 1800 start. In keeping with our 61st birthday celebration, our theme is “The Swinging Sixties” – so plan your outfit now!  A night not to be missed.  We’re dining buffet style with a cash/EFTPOS bar.  And the band FlipSide will be playing your favourite sixties songs!

Dress: Mod, beatnik or hippie!  Try bell-bottom jeans, fringing or floral prints teamed up with a peasant blouse.  Or a miniskirt and knee-high go-go boots.  Add some fake eyelashes!  Perhaps the beatnik fashion of black turtlenecks and trousers topped with a beret is more your scene?  Hippie women – let your hair (and imagination) grow long and wild. Be there, or be square!


The NZAWA AGM will be held at the MOTUEKA TOP 10  0930. Transport 0915 from The Park Motel.  Morning tea is provided. A group photograph will be taken following the meeting.

A free afternoon gives you many local options:  Join our Tiki Tour to Malibu Park, Takaka &/or Karamea.  You’ll have brochures in your registration pack about local activities, including (but not limited to) wineries (get a group together for a wine tour), plus the Sunday Motueka Market which is open till 1300. Just be back in time for Sunday’s main event.


The Presentation Dinner at The Jelly Fish, Mapua starts at 1800. Transport will leave your accommodation 1730.  Let’s make up for missing Christchurch last year and really glam up – gents, you too!


Departures as per your schedule, or your airlines schedule.  Shuttles available as required, please ensure you advise your requirements

Accommodation Prices & Contact Details

NZAWA Rally 2021 Park Motel

NZAWA Rally 2021 Motueka Top 10

Motueka TOP 10 are offering a 10% discount off advertised accommodation prices for NZAWA over Queens Birthday Weekend.  Check out their website, then give them a call – you will need to book directly with Motueka Top 10 and quote NZAWA Rally for this discounted rate –


  • Two Bedroom Motel for 2 people $165.00 – 10%
  • One Bedroom Motel for 2 people $140.00 per night – 10%
  • Studio Motel for 2 people $130.00 – 10%
  • Kitchen Cabins for 2 people $99.00 per night – 10%
  • Standard Cabins for 2 people $85.00 per night – 10%

Please register as early as possible – but not later than Friday 23rd April.

Remember, the rally is as much about the wonderful ladies as it is our fantastic male supporters, honorary members, judges and organisers – so everyone is welcome.

Rally Registration Form

Competition Entry Form

NZAWA Refund Policy:

In the event of a member withdrawing or being unable to attend an NZAWA event (including weather-related problems), the policy on refunds is that where costs have been incurred and are committed to by the NZAWA, there will not be a refund. In the event a member is unable to attend an event, and costs have NOT been incurred a full refund (less registration) will be forwarded to the member. In the event of a members’ family, relative, partner being ill or passing away, a refund will be considered by the NZAWA committee on application. The amount of the refund will be determined on the amount of committed costs incurred by NZAWA. Any member who specifically requires a refund on the grounds of hardship will be considered by the NZAWA Committee. All refund requests must be received by the NZAWA Secretary within 3 months of the Rally.