NZAWA Competition Conditions


A competitor may enter the Soaring Award, Airways Enroute VFR Competition and Wings Photographic Competition plus a maximum of four other events.  In all competitions Civil Aviation Rules etc and Aero Club and Flying School rules must be adhered to.  Any breach of these may result in a competitor being disqualified.

All entrants must be current financial members of NZAWA.  All entries to be posted by the closing date on the entry form – no late entries accepted with the exception of new members.  Except for the microlight competition, all aircraft shall carry a judging instructor appointed by NZAWA (who will be pilot-in-command unless not rated/current on type)

If you would like to enter any of the competitions at this years rally, please familiarise yourself with the individual competition conditions below and submit your entry via the Competition Entry Form

Full details below or you can download them via the following link.

Download Competition Details

FITTON ROSE BOWL (For advanced students, and all licence holders – fixed wing only.)

A theory test, of a standard in accordance with the pilot’s licence level, will be given and answered in written form. The higher scoring competitors will be selected to fly, the rest are eliminated at this point. The practical flight test will be judged on:

  1. Taxiing and drills
  2. Takeoff and climb, compass turns, steep turns left and right, stalling, circuit rejoin, approach and landing
  3. Airmanship.
RHONA FRASER TROPHY (For student pilots)
  1. Aircraft pre-flight inspection, including a few aircraft knowledge questions
  2. Runup, taxiing, cockpit drills
  3. Two circuits, one normal approach and one flapless. The takeoff, climb, circuit, approach, and landing, including accuracy of speeds (climb and approach speeds to be nominated before takeoff) and maintaining centreline, will be judged.
  4. Airmanship
BRIAR SMITH VICTORY TROPHY (For student pilots who have flown solo – fixed wing only.)
  1. Runup, taxiing, cockpit drills (climbing and approach speeds to be nominated before takeoff)
  2. Takeoff, engine failure after takeoff, climb, medium turns, stalling, gliding turns, circuit rejoin procedure, approach & landing.
  3. Airmanship.
COLLINGS CUP (Student Pilot.)

Highest aggregate score from all other competitions entered

KAY SCOTT TROPHY (Non instrument circuit for student and private pilots – fixed wing only)
  1. Entrants to provide own instrument covers. These must allow access to instruments for judges.
  2. Instruments will be covered from point of roll at take-off to point of landing.
  3. Entrants must nominate downwind power setting, climb, base leg and approach speeds, and will be judged on assessment of these without the aid of instruments. Correct turn and downwind heights, and the takeoff and landing will also be judged.
WINTER ROSE BOWL (Navigation for student and private pilots and certificate holders)

A navigation theory exercise in written form with a time limit (to be advised on the day). Competitors to provide their own flight planning equipment, i.e. VFG, computer, protractor, and 1:500,000 aeronautical chart appropriate to the rally venue etc.

YVONNE LOADER TROPHY (Instrument flying for student and private pilots fixed wing only)
  1. Basic panel only: ASI/ALT/T&S/MAG Compass/VSI/Clock.
  2. Competitor will be placed under the hood in straight and level flight on a cardinal compass heading and hold for 2 minutes.
  3. Make a level left turn at rate 1 through 90 degrees, hold S & L for 30 seconds.
  4. Make a level right turn at rate 1 through 90 degrees, hold S & L for 30 seconds.
  5. From S & L enter a climbing rate 1 turn left at nominated climbing speed, gaining 500 ft (if necessary due to A/C climb performance, the judge will return you to a cardinal compass heading), hold S & L for 30 seconds.
  6. From S & L make a descending rate 1 turn at nominated descent speed, descending 500 ft and turning through 180 degrees, hold S & L for 30 seconds.
MORANE SAULNIER RALLYE TROPHY (Forced landing for private pilots. Or certificate holders – fixed wing only)
  1. From 2500 ft each pilot to make a ‘power off’ glide approach to make a landing over a fence.
  2. Engine to be warmed once during descent.
  3. No sideslipping or flap change to be made below 100 ft.
  4. Any competitor undershooting will be disqualified.
  5. Standard RNZAC landing grid to be used.
PATRICIA WRIGHT MEMORIAL TROPHY (Private, commercial, ATPL or certificate holders pre-flight competition)

An aircraft with a number of defects will be provided and entrants will be required to list these whilst doing a normal pre-flight check.

Time limit to be advised on the day.

VICTA AEROBATIC TROPHY (Open entry aerobatic competition)

Manoeuvres: Loop, stall turn left and right, barrel roll left and right and one free choice manoeuvre.

CESSNA CUP (Non-instrument, spot landing for holders of CPL/A or ATPL/A licences)
  1. All instruments to be covered from entrant’s view but available to judge. Entrants to supply own covers.
  2. Glide and approach speeds to be stated prior to commencement.
  3. Aircraft to be positioned at 2000 ft on non-traffic side. Power off descent to be made, motor warmed when assessed to be at 1000 ft.
  4. Land to spot on airfield. Standard RNZAC landing grid to be used.
  5. Airmanship.

Points deducted for inaccurate assessment of speeds or 1000 ft point.

PIONEER TROPHY (Precision and flapless landings for holders of professional licences)

Two circuits to be flown consecutively, the first being a precision landing over a fence onto the grid, the second demonstrating flapless approach technique (no fence or grid). RNZAC landing grid will be used. Airmarks awarded for accuracy and airmanship.

AVIATION NEWS MICROLIGHT TROPHY (Bombing and precision landing for certificate holders only)
  1. Two ‘bombing’ circuits will be flown.
  2. Following the second bomb drop, the pilot will complete the circuit and make a precision landing onto the spot.
  3. A standard RNZAC grid will be used.
  4. Entrants to provide own bombs, being water or sand filled plastic bottles, weighing 500 grams.
  5. As many microlights are single seat, no air judge shall be carried.
AIRWAYS VFR ENROUTE COMPETITION (Private pilots filing VFR flight plans for flights in excess of 150nm enroute to Rally)
  1. Flight Plan to be filed at least one hour prior to ETD.
  2. When lodging Flight Plan advise Flight planning to activate competition entry.
  3. Flight Information will monitor progress of flight and score based on:
    Accuracy of position reports

Radio and reporting procedures

Maintenance of planned track (WX permitting)

Adherence to planned times.

NZ AIRWOMEN’S GLIDING CUP (For all glider pilots who have been solo.)

Release and circuit join height to be arranged on the day.

  1. Cockpit checks.
  2. Aero tow or winch launch – demonstrate one out of position recovery.
  3. 360 degree turn left followed immediately by a 360 degree turn right (i.e. figure of 8).
  4. Stall and recovery.
  5. Incipient spin off a turn and recovery.
  6. Steep turns – one left, one right.
  7. Circuit planning, pre-landing checks, downwind, base and final approach.
  8. Precision landing – on a marked grid over a 1 metre high fence.
  9. Airmanship.
MORRELL GLIDING TROPHY (Non instrument circuit open to all glider pilots.)
  1. Instruments to be covered throughout flight.
  2. Release from tow at Judge’s discretion, from which point judging commences.
  3. Marks awarded on correct judgement of circuit height, control of speeds to stated figures, correct use of brakes, approach and landing.
AIRWOMEN’S SOARING AWARD (Presented by Graham & Ena Monk)

Awarded for the most notable flight made by a woman glider pilot in NZ in the preceding year, i.e. between the entry closing dates of the last Rally and the coming Rally.

Entries for this award must be posted to reach the Secretary 7 days prior to the Rally and must include the following details:

  1. Name and Club.
  2. Details of most notable flight made with regard to height, distance. area and location. and date of flight.
  3. Entrant’s total hours, experience and previous awards
  4. Signature of entrant and CFI of Club.
CATHY PENNEY HELICOPTER TROPHY (Open to holders of student, private or commercial pilot licence – Helicopter)

An air judge will assess competitors in the execution of a precision circuit and landing.

NZAWA PARACHUTING CUP (Donated by NZ Federation of Parachuting Clubs.)

Awarded to the member who does the display descent or, if more than one entrant, competitors will be judged on the best average of two jumps from 3,500 ft with a 0 to 5 second delay time.


Awarded by the NZ Section of the Ninety-Nines (International Women Pilots) to the Ninety-Nine with the most points in NZAWA competitions


Category 1: NZAWA financial members

Category 2: NZAWA supporters (male and female)

  • Theme: aviation orientated
  • Size: no larger than A4
  • Print: colour or black and white
  • Number of prints: no more than two per entrant
  • Identification: please print your name and address clearly on the back of each print
  • Entrants must have taken the photograph themselves to be eligible to enter the competition.
  • Photos are to be brought to the Rally and  not delivered earlier.

If you would like to enter any of the competitions at this years rally, please familiarise yourself with the individual competition conditions above and submit your entry via the Competition Entry Form